I believe in working very hard, and listening very hard. These two forces must be in balance.

With this belief, I have been able to codify a teaching philosophy which is demanding and exacting, yet forgiving and accepting. I have taught over 100 students, ages 8-60 with wide varieties of musical backgrounds, including teaching at the professorial level at Kalamazoo College.

In a nutshell, here are my central tenants:

For beginners, a solid foundation of correct playing technique and appropriate learning materials;

For all, use of my own technique exercises with special idiomatic considerations for the saxophone;

How to practice scales so that they are actually fun, challenging, and applicable to your pieces of music;

Full, rich, supported tonal development;

Full-body posture for the most effective musical advancement and breathing;

Musical phrasing techniques and interpretation;

Demystification of jazz improvisation and style (harmonic foundations, transcriptions);

Advanced knowledge of extended techniques (double tonguing, circular breathing, slap tonguing, multiphonics, etc.) and the saxophone repertoire.


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